Quilts to finish by the end of 2018

Now that my sewing room is all put together after a long weekend of work I am now ready to start thinking about what quilts I would like to work on for the remaining months of this year.

The Jelly Roll

While cleaning out the sewing room I found this beautiful jelly roll that I haven’t touched yet and immediately the ideas started swirling in my head. I’m going to probably do a simple rail fence with it.

American Flag

I’m thinking of doing something similar to this American flag quilt for a family member for Christmas.

Block Challenge

I want to try and challenge myself to learn some new blocks and create at least 40 blocks by the end of the year.

Please send me ideas for some good blocks to do! I have a few in mind to get back into things.

2 thoughts on “Quilts to finish by the end of 2018

  1. If you are looking for some good block possibilities, you might want to check “Moda Bake Shop” and/or the Facebook group “Moda Blockheads 2” (ask to join). The first suggestion has so many ideas and they’re all levels of skill and all types of projects….not just bed/lap quilts.

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